Rental home inspection handover and moving out

Whether you are a Tenant or a Landlord, this will provide you a good summary of what you need to know to avoid disputes and stress.

Insist on a third party professional evaluation of the condition of the premises, furniture and fittings, before moving in and prior to handing over. We have made this a very affordable service and are encouraged to see this already being incorporated in most tenancy contracts.

Why Do You Need a Professional Home Inspection?

Whether it is pre-moving in or prior to moving out, from the inspection itself, there may turn out to be a significant amount of work to be done. For example,

  • Mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning,
  • Move in/Out cleaning,
  • Furniture damage (touch ups, stain removals, etc.),
  • Toilet seat replacement,
  • Flooring scratches,
  • Electrical/plumbing work,
  • Painting/patching of walls,
  • Disposal of furniture/unwanted items.
Dirty Mattress
All of these are necessary to make the premises Tenantable at the start of the lease, similar to at the end, when the Tenant would have to deliver up premises to the same Tenantable condition.
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What this means is that you (Landlord / Tenant) will have to co-ordinate with multiple contractors, collecting quotes, negotiating to get the most competitive deal and finally deciding on a reliable one. Clearly not an easy task and so this is where – given our expertise and know-how – step in to give you complete peace of mind.
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It is prudent to have a professional inspection performed at the start of the tenancy (before the moving in date) and prior to the end, preferably by the same company/inspector - mutually accepted by both the Landlord and the Tenant - to ensure objectivity and accountability.

Be forewarned what awaits you at the end of the lease and what it takes for the release of the security deposit process - it can be a harrowing experience for both the Landlord and the Tenant. Oftentimes, the agent who brokered the deal struggle with mitigating, resulting in tempers flaring and be questioned on his/her alliance.

Know your rights!

There are only 3 instance a Landlord can forfeit/withhold the security deposit.
  • Where there is outstanding rent or utility bills at the end of the tenancy and/or
  • To repair damage to/replace property and/or fixtures in excess of ‘fair wear and tear’ and/or
  • To cover cleaning costs of restoring the premises to a clean, Tenantable condition, much like at the beginning of the lease
The ‘Wear and tear’ clause in all tenancy agreements can be very tenuous. Tenants may argue that damage to property or fixture is actually wear and tear, hence cannot be a means or justification for the Landlord to withhold the deposit.

On the other hand, there have been multiple incidents of Landlords withholding the 1-2 months security deposit because these same Landlords will argue that damages are not wear and tear, with the intention of capitalizing on the opportunity to use the security deposit to do minor renovations (including replacing with costly fixtures and fittings).

How does a Landlord or Tenant ensure a smooth handing and taking over?

Firstly, mutually agree on a qualified, professional and objective inspection to be done by a third party. Agree upfront who should bear the cost of this.

Secondly, ensure that there are detailed notes and pictures, documented, communicated. Assuming the inspection company is qualified and experience, this would be their responsibility. The same report should then be signed off by both parties, before the moving in date. It is important to identify and record defects so that it is clear the condition was pre-existing.

Prior to the end of the lease, arrange for an inspection (preferably with the same company). This will allow sufficient time for the Tenant to repair any damages at a reasonable cost. As a Landlord, you will want to ensure that the repairs are acceptable before refunding the security deposit. Finally, complete the handover by making good any repairs, replacements and cleaning up.

From home inspection services to coordinating all the moving out, cleaning work you will need done, iimafix is your One Stop, One Fair Price partner, where you will never need a second quote.
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