Extend that Asian Festive feeling all year round with wall colours to suit every mood

This Christmas and Chinese New Year, consider giving your interior walls a fresh coat of paint. Try not to follow trends when it comes to having a beautiful home interior. Color trends will come and go but you can make it beautiful and blissful by choosing colors that reflect your preferences, personalities and the mood you want to be in. The trick is to blend the colors you like into a pleasing combination.

You may have experienced walking into a room and immediately feeling transported - the colors appeal to your senses, stimulate your senses, instilling the desired moods and purpose.

Light colors are expansive and airy, making rooms seem larger and brighter. Dark colors are sophisticated and warm; they give large rooms a more intimate appearance.

If you are like most of us, your interior walls are very likely painted white, or a shade of white. White is, after all, a safe, minimalist colour, aesthetically speaking. But if you are considering something riskier than white or off-white, like apple white, chalk white, lace white, cloud white, then read on! While deciding which color to pick, make sure it is a color that matches your furniture and one that is not too tacky and gawdy.

From an asian perspective, these are some of the colors you can consider and what they mean.


While it instils the fear of dirt in even the messiest of people, do not be too quick to dismiss this color. Painting your walls white or off-white is a great way to help make your home feel more spacious and open and the people within it more neutral. Not necessarily an energy nor calm inducing colour, white gives off a happy and pure vibe that leaves you feeling clean. The colour white stands for protection, innocence and goodness, to name a few. Similarly, painting your ceilings white or off white gives the illusion that the ceiling is higher and the room is bigger.
room with white color

Bold Yellow

If the thought of painting an entire room yellow terrifies you, choose instead an accent, like a door or a single wall instead. Kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms are great rooms to paint yellow as it brightens your mood and increases your energy - something we usually all need in the morning. Yellow can leave you with an uplifting feeling of joy and liveliness. It captures the joy of sunshine and communicates happiness. In halls, entries and small spaces, yellow can feel expansive and welcoming. On the flip side, although yellow although is a cheery color, it is not a good choice for main color schemes. Studies have shown that people are more likely to lose their temper in a yellow interior. Babies also seem to cry more in yellow rooms. In large amounts, this color tends to create feelings of frustration and anger. In chromotherapy, yellow is believed to stimulate the nerves and purify the body.
room with bold yellow color

Jade Green

This jewel-toned color makes a room feel like a Caribbean oasis. Add potted plants and you’ll feel like you’re on a holiday whenever you step into the room.
Room with Green color

Ocean Blue

Yet another jewel-toned color, blue is what will make you feel like you're on vacation. Blue is said to bring down blood pressure and slow respiration and heart rate. That is why it is considered calming, relaxing and serene, and it is often recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms.
This calming colour that can make you feel centred, relaxed and serene. Take note though that pastel blues can come across as cold and chilly. Light, warm blues are great and are easily balanced with warm lighting or furnishings and fabrics. To encourage relaxation in social areas such as family rooms, living rooms or large kitchens, consider warmer blues, such as periwinkle, or bright blues, such as cerulean or turquoise. Dark blue has the opposite effect, evoking feelings of sadness so aviod using darker blues in your main color scheme.
Room with Ocean Blue colo


Peach is your best bet when you don't want to go as feminine as pink can be. Like yellow, if you feel like paiting an entire room in peach is overwhelming, only paint one section on your wall.
Room with Peach color

Crimson Red

Avoid the super bright reds so your house won't look like a fire station. A richer shade of crimson warms up the space, while contrasting furniture will help to break up this bold color which raises a room’s energy level. The more intense the color, the greater the effect. Used best in communal areas, especially at night, red draws people together and stimulates conversation in the living or dining room. Used along an entry way, it creates a strong first impression. On the other hand, this invoking color can make some people feel irritable with feelings of rage and hostility. So avoid this as the main color of a room. Sitting for long periods of time in a room painted in this color will likely affect the peace and harmony you are striving to create in your home.

Contrary to blue, red has been shown to raise blood pressure and speed respiration and heart rate. It is usually considered too stimulating for bedrooms, but if you’re typically in the room only after dark, you’ll be seeing it mostly by lamplight, when the color will appear nicely pleasing to the eye.
Room with Crimson Red color


Purple is a rich, dramatic colour that is historically the colour of royalty and luxury. Deep purples give off a very romantic, mysterious and luxurious vibe and are great for sparking creativity. While deep purples aren't the best for the bedroom, where you want the mind to relax, lighter purples such as lavender and lilac are better options as they are calming and light. In its darkest values it is rich, dramatic and sophisticated. It is associated with luxury and creativity whereas lighter shades of purple, such as lavender and lilac, bring the same restful quality to bedrooms as blue does, but without the risk of feeling chilly.
room with lilac:purple color


Makes the room feel so sunny, orange is a very exciting colour that brings a burst of energy and enthusiasm. It's a great colour to exercise around, but not so good for living rooms or bedrooms where we want to wind down. Orange can also stimulate your appetite so, if you're trying to be a little more healthy and calorie conscious, we wouldn't recommend this colour for your kitchen. It evokes excitement and enthusiasm, and is an energetic color. While not a good idea for a living room or for bedrooms, this color is great for an exercise room; it will bring out all the emotions that you need released during your fitness routine. Orange has been associated with increased energy levels and to heal the lungs.
room with orange color


This is a great colour for almost any room in the home. It symbolises prosperity and helps to reduce anxiety. It is one of the most restful colours for your eyes and is known to be restorative, mind-clearing and encourage composure. For those who love the outdoors, it also gives an outdoorsy, natural feel - much like blue speaks to those whose hearts truly lie by the water. Green also has a calming effect when used as a main color for decorating. It is believed to relieve stress by helping people relax. It is also believed to help with fertility, making it a great choice for the bedroom.

So there you are. Remember to keep these in mind
1. Is this a room where you entertain or a room where blissful rest and peace is essential?
2. Is this a room the family spends most of the time in?
3. What is the mood that you would like to instil when a person (you) walk into the room and remains there?
room with jade green color
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